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Woo-hoo! Good to be back. I left my camera on vacation last month. (It begged and begged and finally I relented and left it to live out its natural life at Daytona Beach. You like my story?)

So I got a new camera. Then I accidently erased more than two weeks of veggie photos. But I think I’ve got my new camera all figured out now. (Knockknockknockknockknock.)

Here’s what came in my CSA box o’ goodness yesterday:

Dandelion greens!

These are dandelion greens, so all I can think is how big those dandelions would be. Like basketballs!

It’s a green kind of week. In addition to the dandelion greens, I also got (more…)

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A couple of weeks ago, a little pumpkin came in our CSA box.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s a really small pumpkin. But, actually, that’s an exceedingly large sweet potato.

I roasted the pumpkin for about an hour at 350 degrees Saturday. (I had to take out a rack and put it at the very bottom so that the stem wouldn’t come into contact with the element. That’s a bad scene.)

To our surprise, this little guy produced 4 cups of pumpkin puree and nearly one cup of seeds. That’s enough puree to keep us in cream cheese pumpkin bread for the rest of the year!


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I used to think that the main selling point for Asian turnips was that they weren’t regular turnips. Now I’m becoming fond of them for themselves.

We got this bunch of turnips with greens a couple of weeks ago. I separated the roots from the greens right away. The roots will last in a plastic bag in the crisper, like, forever. They have a mild taste and a nice crisp texture that makes them great chopped up in any kind of salad. They’d also be good in a cole slaw. In a stir-fry, they add a texture that’s sort of like water chestnuts.

And the greens are good, too. Like the roots, the greens are smaller and milder than their purple-topped brethren. We sautéed ours in olive oil with craisins and chopped walnuts, and we were really happy with the results.

It’s always nice when our feelings for a vegetable that regularly appears in our CSA box moves from grudging acceptance to fond welcome.

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I’ve been missing-in-action for a couple of week. Here’s my damage: I lost my camera. (I’ve got a camera on my phone, but it’s a major hassle to get pictures from this phone to my computer.)

Yesterday, I admitted that my camera is not going to turn up and ordered a new one. I should be back on track next week.

In the meantime, I was able to get this picture of this week’s delivery:

  • eggplant
  • eggs
  • apples
  • lettuce
  • field peas
  • popping corn
  • dried mushrooms
  • Tuscan kale
  • peach butter
  • sweet potatoes
  • pepper cheese
  • garlic
  • breakfast radishes

I love this type of eggplant! It makes the best baba ghanoush. Usually, I chop the garlic in the food processor and then add the roasted eggplant. At this point, a taste test is normally not recommended. It tastes a too muddy and disappointing before the tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice. With these eggplants, however, just roasted eggplant and garlic is delicious enough. (more…)

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Here’s what came this week from Farmers’ Fresh CSA:

  • baby spinach
  • frisee
  • butternut squash
  • basil
  • eggs (regular add-on)
  • lettuce
  • Asian eggplant
  • blue potatoes
  • chestnuts

There were also some pretty apples and tomatoes: (more…)

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Here’s what I got this week from my CSA program:

yummy mixed lettuce

yummy mixed lettuce


baby spinach

radishes and tomatoes

The radishes we’ve been slicing for salad. The tomatoes I chopped up and cooked down and tossed with pasta.

fingerling potatoes and delicata squash

These potatoes were sooo good roasted with olive oil, garlic, and herbs! We’re looking forward to enjoying the delicata squash next week. We love winter squash, but it’s usually better cured a bit. So we’re not in a rush to cook this one. (more…)

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Here’s what we got this week…

Field peas!

We’ve shelled and cooked these, and they’re waiting in the fridge to be eaten. These were easy to shell, too.


tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, and onions

I’ve already roasted the eggplant for baba ghanoush. The onions I’m adding to my onion stash. I feel happy as a squirrel putting onions away for fall meals of French onion soup and beef stew. (more…)

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Here’s this week’s report on what arrived from Farmers Fresh.

onions, apples, and potatoes

hydroponic lettuce and baby spinach

The sight of onions, apples, potatoes, lettuce, and spinach all together made me wonder if fall had arrived. (more…)

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Recently, we’ve been making yummy desserts with fruit.

So far, we’ve made

  • mini peach cobblers with vanilla ice cream
  • fig compote and rosemary granola with vanilla ice cream
  • poached Asian pears with vanilla ice cream

(Okay, so there’s a pattern here.)

These desserts are fun to make and eat. They’re especially nice after a supper of summer vegetables. When supper’s not so heavy, dessert is more fun to dig into. And have another glass of wine with. (more…)

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This week I ordered some snacks separately for a business meeting. Especially because half of the people are from out of town, it will be nice to offer some local goodies.

2 kinds of mini muffins, peanut butter bars, and rosemary-nut mix

I also ordered 5 pounds of apples. Wondering how many apples is 5 pounds of apples? Here you go.

Here’s what came as part of my standing order: (more…)

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