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Here’s what arrived last week from Farmers’ Fresh!

watermelon, apples, and Asian pears

The apples were eaten and shared with friends. Very tasty – even the ones that still have some green on them.

The watermelon will be busted open soon. Chris is working on our 1991 Celica today, and a watermelon makes a great afternoon snack when you have oily hands.

I poached the Asian pears along with some lemongrass from last week. Here’s the recipe. I replaced the cinnamon and nutmeg with an equal amount of five-star spice. The Asian pears did not get soft. (I think that’s kind of the point of Asian pears: they stay crispy when heated or cooked.) But they did absorb the tasty liquid and were very yummy.

eggplant and patty pan squash


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Here’s what came early this month. It’s kind of cool to think back about what we actually did with food rather than my hopes and dreams on a Wednesday afternoon.

patty-pan squash and apples

I’ve still some of these apples in the fridge. My hope and dream is to make horse cookies with them for my horse friends at Pony Tail Acres. I may end up peeling, slicing, and drying rings in the oven instead.

Patty-pan squash is a wonderful squash. Think yellow squash with almost no gushiness. We had two rounds of delicious stir-fried squash with these puppies plus local garlic, butter, and cornmeal. Three cheers for patty-pan squash. (more…)

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When taking pictures, I always start with fruit. Not sure why

muscadines, Asian pears, apples, and a peach

Green muscadines make nice and not insipidly sweet jelly. I had some success here.

yard-long beans, tomatoes of various proportions, lemongrass, and garlic

The beans can be broken up and stir-fried or cooked like any other green bean. I was considering a stir-fry with the lemongrass, garlic, beans, and Asian pear. Asian pears are cool because they don’t get mushy when stir-fried. Think sweet, crisp water chestnuts. (more…)

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