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Carrots, onions, and beautiful potatoes make me think of beef stew.

However, our heat pump recently passed away, and I can’t imagine cooking and eating beef stew at the moment. Wish I liked cold potato salad more.

I wonder if sugar snaps and radishes would make a good combo?


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In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s definitely spring…

sugar snaps, green onions, and radishes

And everyone knows the best part of spring is strawberries.

I’ve been buying an extra couple of pints of strawberries each week and freezing them. I love frozen strawberry halves and plan to enjoy them for a while.

Coming in a close second to strawberries is field lettuce. (more…)

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beautiful pork chops from Gum Creek Farms

strawberries (I bought an extra pint from the store.)

eggs and granola

peas and spring onions

green cabbage and purple sweet potatoes

field greens

sage with flowers, winter savory, rosemary, oregano, and fennel

Fran had some instructions for making herbed vinegar, but I’ve been using the herbs as herbs so far.

Here are two meals we’ve made with veggies and herbs:

sweet potatoes with savory, broccoli, and peas with fennel

green onions sautéed in rosemary-fennel-garlic olive oil, broccoli, and purple sweet potatoes with rosemary and savory

The purple sweet potatoes are pretty but drier and not quite as tasty as their orange brethren. We’ve got one more, and I think I’ll make bigger chunks, add more olive oil, and roast them at 300 degrees instead of 350.

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