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Check out these apples!

Woo, doggies! Fine-looking apples.

And here’s some more from the fall line…

sweet potatoes and butternut squash

You can find lots of things to do with sweet potatoes and butternut squash. But if you’re looking for reliable and fairly easy, you can chunk and roast them. First, peel the potatoes or squash. (Butternut squash is one winter squash you can actually peel.) Then chop them into chunks or slices. The smaller your chunks, the faster they will cook. Then, toss the chunks in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add chopped herbs if you have them. Bake at 350 degrees for half an hour or so. You can eat them when they are fork-tender, but consider waiting until they have carmelized some. Mmmm….

Summer is still hanging on by a thread!

Asian eggplant, sorrel, tomatoes, and garlic

I ate the sorrel plain. I know I’m crazy, but I really like it that way.

The tomatoes are amazing. They are as ripe as they can be! So red and flavorful!

The year of arugula continues…

yummy arugula!

And there’s even more apple goodness…

caramel apple cakes and eggs

I put the cakes in the freezer to save them for a Halloween treat for Chris and me. Maybe we’ll enjoy the evening with some cider or mulled wine. Or maybe some ale, as in “cakes and.”

Enjoy your food!

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