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Hi, everyone! I’m so behind on posting about my CSA subscription. (But not behind on enjoying it!)

I’ve got a big project due 5/16 and won’t be able to post again before then.

So here are some archives from April and May in years past. They’ll give you an idea of what to expect and maybe some ideas of how to use what you’re getting.

In the meantime, here’s a quick tip if your spring has been as busy as mine:

Get a box of fried chicken!

Fried chicken goes with anything that will come in your CSA box anytime of the year. Salad and peas? Check. Tomatoes and squash? Check. Sweet potatoes and greens? Check.

If you don’t like the fried part, try a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store instead.

On the other hand, if you’re watching your wallet, you can find coupons and deals at fried chicken place to make it really inexpensive.

Enjoy your food!

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They’re here!

local strawberries!!!

A pint of joy! Mine are washed, chopped, and freezing as we speak. I hope I don’t eat them all tonight and not have any left for the rest of the week.


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I ordered an extra dozen eggs this week. I’ve decided that egg custard makes an eggscellent start to the day. I’ve already made one batch. It’ll be gone by the weekend and then I’ll make another.

Wish I’d gotten duck eggs now. I got chicken eggs because they were cheaper, but duck eggs have richer yolks, which make richer custard. They also have five times as much vitamin B12 as chicken eggs. I’ve gone ahead and placed my order for a dozen duck eggs next week.


Notice anything different about this lettuce? (more…)

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This week, we had two meals with two characteristics in common:

  • They were made entirely of CSA ingredients (except for salt, pepper, olive oil, rice vinegar, and milk).
  • They photographed really well.

They were also pretty simple, which is kind of a prerequisite for meals I make.

Here they are. I hope they’ll give you some ideas and inspiration for your CSA kitchen.


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Here’s what I pulled out of my CSA box this week.


These have been washed, halved, and frozen. I had a handful last night out of the freezer, and they were soooo sweet! (more…)

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