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Back in business!

WordPress has unblocked my IP address, and I can blog at will again!

No word on why it happened yet, but I’m happy to have control again.

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WordPress woes

WordPress has blocked my IP address. I have no idea why, but it means I can’t post from home. Which is annoying.

I’m trying to get it resolved and will post again soon from somewhere.

Thanks, and I hope you’re enjoying your food.

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It’s preseason!

Preseason is fun, but it’s strategically different from the peak of summer. The winter produce lasts longer, and you have two weeks to use it. Here’s what we got in our first Dinner for 2 preseason 2012 box.


Brussels sprouts, Jerusalem artichokes, and sweet potatoes

I’ve never had Jerusalem artichokes. All the recipes I’m seeing seem to treat them like sort of like potatoes. You peel and boil them and then bake or sauté the slices. I’m thinking of making a tiny sliced sunchoke sauté to be topped with sour cream.

I never liked Brussels sprouts till I got them fresh and tasty. Most recipes call for removing the unfurled leaves before cooking sprouts. And you definitely should. Just don’t toss them. Keep them around for a fast stir-fry. For the sprouts, chop them in half and sauté them in some olive oil and butter with a little garlic and salt and a lot of pepper. Remove them before they get too mushy. Mushy sprouts are not yummy. (more…)

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I love preseason. Having two weeks to work through a box is easier. And there’s usually cheese.

Check out last year’s pre-season deliveries:

Week 1

Week 2

And from 2010…

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

This preseason is four deliveries and comes in two sizes: dinner for two at $188 and family at $248. The boxes are larger than regular weekly deliveries. There’s more information on the Farmers Fresh CSA Sign-Up page.

In order to participate in preseason or a regular season CSA starting in March, you have to join as a member for 2012, too. It’s $100 if you’re new and $60 to renew. Membership includes a member pack (which is usually a box of interesting non-perishable stuff like honey and grains) and a discount on store purchases both online and in person at the Carrollton store.

2010 renewal member pack

2009 member pack

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Here’s what arrived this week from Farmers’ Fresh:

Carrots and cabbage

Asian turnips and pretty radishes

So I now have a root cellar (aka a plastic bag in my crisper)


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Here’s everything all together from last week’s CSA delivery:

  • Italian parsley
  • eggs
  • delicious apples!
  • potatoes
  • coffee
  • Bordeaux spinach
  • pumpkin
  • arugula
  • butternut squash soup with topping
  • field lettuce
  • fava beans!
  • broccoli

The apples are so sweet! Who needs Christmas candy with these around? (more…)

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Last month I made some beef stock from bones ordered from Farmers Fresh. It’s been my most successful stock experience to date. I think the secret is putting the cooling stock in the fridge over night so that it’s really easy to skim the fat.

I used a beef stock recipe from simplyrecipes.com.

In addition to the bones and some chopped onions and carrot, there were these ingredients .

thyme, carrot peelings, onion bits, bay leaves, garlic, and par-cel

The bones were rubbed with olive oil and put in the over to roast along with the onions and a carrot.

Here’s what they looked like after the roasting. (more…)

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Here’s what arrived in last week’s box:

Swiss chard!

a very photogenic vegetable


Winter veggies!

carrots, kohlrabi, and cauliflower


Tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic (more…)

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Here’s this week’s haul from Farmers’ Fresh:

par-cel, cilantro, and winter savory

Big, Beautiful, Bordeaux spinach

yummy lettuce!

Fall-appropriate vegetables!


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Last week, I got some dandelion greens from our CSA subscription. We used them in two meals.

The tops

This late supper was tasty. The greens cooked down and awful lot, though. I followed one of our favorite recipes (Kale with Raisins and Pinenuts) and swapped in the dandelion greens and chopped walnuts.

The bread was a multi-grain loaf courtesy of my freezer. I toasted some slices and topped them with olive oil and some incredible goat cheese from Capra Gia. (more…)

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