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On the long journey to becoming a true locavore, one quickly learns that the biggest lifestyle change after daily cooking is in the food-buying paradigm. A normal food shopper goes to the most convenient store when it is most convenient for him or her. A locavore lives by the schedule of the farmers. Eggs aren’t available every day, all day. Farmers have schedules and run out of product. Farmers don’t have a vast distribution network.

This forces the budding locavore to plan his week around food shopping. I’m not a purist, but Saturday mornings mean that I have to be at the Morningside Farmers Market by 9:30am to pick up beef, pork and veggies, at the Decatur Farmer’s Market to meet my chicken & egg dealer by 11:00am and supplement as necessary from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Excessive? Certainly for some. But once you’ve made pasta with a farm-fresh egg or had Berkshire pork that was raised with care, it’s hard to go back. (more…)

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Iā€™m thrilled to announce a new feature here at thoughtfulconsumption.com ā€“ a guest column, The Saturday Meal, written by Pedro of Foodie Atlanta. Pedro and I were lucky enough to meet and eat at Park 75ā€™s blogger luncheon last May. His enthusiasm and passion for cooking make me cast about for some other verb to describe what I do in the kitchen, and I hope to learn a lot from these Saturday adventures. In light of Pedro’s gifts in writing and photography, I know we will enjoy reading about them!

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