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On the long journey to becoming a true locavore, one quickly learns that the biggest lifestyle change after daily cooking is in the food-buying paradigm. A normal food shopper goes to the most convenient store when it is most convenient for him or her. A locavore lives by the schedule of the farmers. Eggs aren’t available every day, all day. Farmers have schedules and run out of product. Farmers don’t have a vast distribution network.

This forces the budding locavore to plan his week around food shopping. I’m not a purist, but Saturday mornings mean that I have to be at the Morningside Farmers Market by 9:30am to pick up beef, pork and veggies, at the Decatur Farmer’s Market to meet my chicken & egg dealer by 11:00am and supplement as necessary from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Excessive? Certainly for some. But once you’ve made pasta with a farm-fresh egg or had Berkshire pork that was raised with care, it’s hard to go back. (more…)

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I’m thrilled to announce a new feature here at thoughtfulconsumption.com – a guest column, The Saturday Meal, written by Pedro of Foodie Atlanta. Pedro and I were lucky enough to meet and eat at Park 75’s blogger luncheon last May. His enthusiasm and passion for cooking make me cast about for some other verb to describe what I do in the kitchen, and I hope to learn a lot from these Saturday adventures. In light of Pedro’s gifts in writing and photography, I know we will enjoy reading about them!

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