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Here’s what was in my CSA share this week:

Kale: always yummy and especially good with sweet potatoes.

Lettuce and snow peas

Snow peas mean it’s really spring!  I’ll put the smallest of the pods in salads and stir-fry the rest.


I think this is broccolini because of its slender stems. But it works the same way as broccoli. Steam it and serve with butter and lemon.

Green beans

Chris was so excited to see these green beans. I’ll simmer these for 30 minutes or so with a little olive oil or bacon drippings.


I was so excited to see the sorrel. I’ve defrosted my last ball of goat cheese from last year, and I’m going to snack on sorrel leaves wrapped around pieces of goat cheese.

Sweet potatoes, blueberries, and eggs

Infused olive oil and yogurt

The yogurt was delicious but a little sweet for me. Especially when the yogurt’s this creamy and flavorful, I like it better plain.

The oil is infused with roasted garlic and basil. Can’t wait to warm some and add it to hot pasta! The best part is these flavors will work with Italian and Asian dishes.

Enjoy your food!

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The night you pick up your CSA share consider establishing pizza night. The idea is that you plan on supper being a hands-off, household favorite that everyone enjoys. Your pizza night could be as simple as a frozen pizza. You could go out to your favorite Tex-Mex place. Pick up barbecue sandwiches. Or order in Chinese food.

Here’s the reasoning behind this cunning plan.

First, it’s Pavlovian. If members of your household are ambivalent or even hostile towards the CSA idea, it can’t hurt to have them associate the arrival of your share with a favorite meal. (more…)

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For the ultimate in fine cooking, you would wait to prep all of your ingredients until just before cooking. But, let’s face it, if we were dealing with the ultimate in fine cooking, someone else would be prepping your ingredients.

By prepping, I mean things like washing, peeling, dicing, and the like.

washed beet greens, diced beet stems for stir-fries, and washed baby greens to add to salad (not pictured, beet roots for roasting)


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Here’s this week’s cache of goodness. Combined with some celery from last week, it’ll be a good week for salads.

cabbage, green onions, and apples

Green onions are good in salad and pretty much everything; we’re happy to have these. Green cabbage lasts so long that I can’t work up the energy to devise a plan for it yet. I’ll get around to it next week. I think we’re finally getting to the bottom of the barrel with last season’s apples. Mine are a little blemished. No real problem – I’ll just cut off the spots.


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Friday’s lunch was lo-mein with shrimp, eggs, Brussels sprout leaves, broccoli leaves, and celery leaves.  (And onion and garlic from Kroger, but that’s less interesting.)

Lo-mein is great for using up scraps. Often my lo-mein-like dishes are made with stems from various vegetables from recent CSA deliveries. But over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself with mostly scrap leaves. (more…)

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Spring season is finally here!  Although it doesn’t feel much like it today. Here’s what I got in my first spring season delivery of 2011.

lettuce and arugula

These are washed, tore up, and ready to go for salads. The combo was great alongside some leftover manicotti for Wednesday night supper.


Celery is such a treat to have around to cook with. Basically, anything you might add onions to, you can add celery to, and make it even better. The leaves are good for cooking or adding to salad. If your celery gets floppy, chop it into sticks and store it in water in the fridge overnight. It’ll crisp up again. I’m going to chop up some leaves and a stalk as part of a shrimp stir-fry for lunch tomorrow. (more…)

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