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Here’s this week’s haul from Farmers’ Fresh:

par-cel, cilantro, and winter savory

Big, Beautiful, Bordeaux spinach

yummy lettuce!

Fall-appropriate vegetables!


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Last week, I got some dandelion greens from our CSA subscription. We used them in two meals.

The tops

This late supper was tasty. The greens cooked down and awful lot, though. I followed one of our favorite recipes (Kale with Raisins and Pinenuts) and swapped in the dandelion greens and chopped walnuts.

The bread was a multi-grain loaf courtesy of my freezer. I toasted some slices and topped them with olive oil and some incredible goat cheese from Capra Gia. (more…)

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Woo-hoo! Good to be back. I left my camera on vacation last month. (It begged and begged and finally I relented and left it to live out its natural life at Daytona Beach. You like my story?)

So I got a new camera. Then I accidently erased more than two weeks of veggie photos. But I think I’ve got my new camera all figured out now. (Knockknockknockknockknock.)

Here’s what came in my CSA box o’ goodness yesterday:

Dandelion greens!

These are dandelion greens, so all I can think is how big those dandelions would be. Like basketballs!

It’s a green kind of week. In addition to the dandelion greens, I also got (more…)

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