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This week, we got a bunch of yummy stuff from our CSA.

greens onions and a leek (or possibly a giant green onion?)

Red Russian kale


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Check out this week’s haul…

Tomato and arugula

Sometimes, I find arugula overpowering, but this is wonderful stuff. I’m currently cooking down the tomato with some garlic, olive oil, and wine. Tonight, we’re going to have tomato, arugula, and goat cheese pizza. (more…)

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It’s spring!! It’s thundering outside, everything’s getting green, and our goldfish made an appearance at the top of our pond today.

In other critter news, yesterday I was driving home from picking up my box of vegetables when I came across an enormous snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Someone else had already stopped to try to get him to safety. But, you know what? Snapping turtles don’t like being helped. Really don’t like it.

A couple stopped and offered to take him to a nearby lake behind their house. If we could only get him into their trunk without sacrificing fingers to the cause. So I dumped my veggies out in my front seat. We loaded him into the box, and off he went on a new adventure.

If you’re wondering how big he was, the CSA box was only just big enough to hold him.

Enough of turtles… how ’bout some veggies?

radishes, a few radish greens, and pea shoots


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