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Here’s what came from Farmers’ Fresh this week.


Strawberries make life good. Especially when they look like cartoon whales.


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Is it too early to declare 2012 Year of Spinach?

I have still have spinach from last week, so I just threw in the towel and blanched this batch and what I had. It’s now frozen and awaiting further instruction – like jump in this creamy pasta dish.

Tuscan kale, on the other hand, I never get enough of.

Kale is high in iron, and I was deferred from giving blood last week on account of my iron being low. That’s low for giving blood, not low in general. The blood donation cut-off excludes the “low-normal” range for women. But, hey, it’s an excuse to eat more kale. And cheeseburgers at the Vortex.

Strawberries are always tasty. And pretty.


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Here’s a report from my second to last CSA deliviery:


I am a gush-o-phobe, so I like my berries frozen. Freezing fruit (and then thawing it slightly) turns it into a delicious, non-gushy treat. To keep the berries separate when frozen, I wash, stem, and half them and then freeze them on a cookie sheet for a few hours before transferring them to a bag.

Frozen fruit also works great for pancakes, muffins, and smoothies. Our smoothie recipe is a banana, a handful or two of frozen fruit, and about a cup of plain yogurt. It usually needs a splash of milk or water, too, to make the mixture liquid enough to blend. So yummy!

Salad fixings and greens

radishes and greens

The radish greens were nice-looking enough that I saved them to sauté. But then I didn’t get around to it, so they ended up in the bucket anyway. (more…)

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