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Lots of salad

Here are some of the salads we’ve had.

leaf lettuce plus extras with CSA-herbed chicken breast

leaf lettuce and radishes with CSA-herbed chicken breast

Asian turnip, baby belle radishe, daikon radish, and green onions for salad topping

Asian turnip, baby belle radish, daikon radish, and green onion for salad topping

chef spinach salad with cheese and bacon

chef spinach salad with cheese and bacon

Happily, we’ve still got enough spinach and romaine to see us through this week. The baby belle radishes are gone, but I’ve still got some turnips and another daikon.


We’ve made brownies and scrambled eggs so far. The scrambled eggs were so good! These are a real CSA treat. Fresh eggs turned scrambled eggs into a gourmet meal. I hope to be able to have another scrambled egg and salad meal soon. You know that the eggs are great when you don’t want to make any more brownies because you’d rather have more scrambled eggs! (more…)

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