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Check out this week’s haul…

Tomato and arugula

Sometimes, I find arugula overpowering, but this is wonderful stuff. I’m currently cooking down the tomato with some garlic, olive oil, and wine. Tonight, we’re going to have tomato, arugula, and goat cheese pizza. (more…)

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It’s spring!! It’s thundering outside, everything’s getting green, and our goldfish made an appearance at the top of our pond today.

In other critter news, yesterday I was driving home from picking up my box of vegetables when I came across an enormous snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Someone else had already stopped to try to get him to safety. But, you know what? Snapping turtles don’t like being helped. Really don’t like it.

A couple stopped and offered to take him to a nearby lake behind their house. If we could only get him into their trunk without sacrificing fingers to the cause. So I dumped my veggies out in my front seat. We loaded him into the box, and off he went on a new adventure.

If you’re wondering how big he was, the CSA box was only just big enough to hold him.

Enough of turtles… how ’bout some veggies?

radishes, a few radish greens, and pea shoots


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Here’s what came in this week’s Farmers Fresh box:

lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and acorn squash


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Here’s what arrived in our CSA box earlier this month:

green beans, yellow squash, and tomato

Seems like summer, huh? We cooked the green beans Southern-style and stir-fried the squash in some local corn meal.

Where’s the tomato? Glad you asked. This was Wednesday’s lunch…

Local lettuce and tomato + Chik-fil-a = happy lunchtime for Chris and Susan.

This eating better, eating local thing doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Take-out pizza or roasted chicken from Publix with local veggies is also a good combo. (more…)

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Here’s what came in the box two weeks ago from Farmers Fresh. I was unable to post sooner due to technical difficulties, but the delay lets me include updates on how we really used our goodies. (And makes me realize that, over five years of doing this, I’ve gotten a lot better at realistically predicting what’s going to happen in my kitchen.)



It’s nice to have lovely lettuce for salads during this crazy-warm winter. When winter is cold, I don’t crave salad so much, but it’s all good this year. The bigger leaves could also be used as wraps if one were so inclined. I went ahead and washed and spun all of this. It’s in the salad spinner in the fridge awaiting further instruction. (more…)

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It’s preseason!

Preseason is fun, but it’s strategically different from the peak of summer. The winter produce lasts longer, and you have two weeks to use it. Here’s what we got in our first Dinner for 2 preseason 2012 box.


Brussels sprouts, Jerusalem artichokes, and sweet potatoes

I’ve never had Jerusalem artichokes. All the recipes I’m seeing seem to treat them like sort of like potatoes. You peel and boil them and then bake or sauté the slices. I’m thinking of making a tiny sliced sunchoke sauté to be topped with sour cream.

I never liked Brussels sprouts till I got them fresh and tasty. Most recipes call for removing the unfurled leaves before cooking sprouts. And you definitely should. Just don’t toss them. Keep them around for a fast stir-fry. For the sprouts, chop them in half and sauté them in some olive oil and butter with a little garlic and salt and a lot of pepper. Remove them before they get too mushy. Mushy sprouts are not yummy. (more…)

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I love preseason. Having two weeks to work through a box is easier. And there’s usually cheese.

Check out last year’s pre-season deliveries:

Week 1

Week 2

And from 2010…

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

This preseason is four deliveries and comes in two sizes: dinner for two at $188 and family at $248. The boxes are larger than regular weekly deliveries. There’s more information on the Farmers Fresh CSA Sign-Up page.

In order to participate in preseason or a regular season CSA starting in March, you have to join as a member for 2012, too. It’s $100 if you’re new and $60 to renew. Membership includes a member pack (which is usually a box of interesting non-perishable stuff like honey and grains) and a discount on store purchases both online and in person at the Carrollton store.

2010 renewal member pack

2009 member pack

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Here’s what arrived this week from Farmers’ Fresh:

Carrots and cabbage

Asian turnips and pretty radishes

So I now have a root cellar (aka a plastic bag in my crisper)


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Here’s everything all together from last week’s CSA delivery:

  • Italian parsley
  • eggs
  • delicious apples!
  • potatoes
  • coffee
  • Bordeaux spinach
  • pumpkin
  • arugula
  • butternut squash soup with topping
  • field lettuce
  • fava beans!
  • broccoli

The apples are so sweet! Who needs Christmas candy with these around? (more…)

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Last month I made some beef stock from bones ordered from Farmers Fresh. It’s been my most successful stock experience to date. I think the secret is putting the cooling stock in the fridge over night so that it’s really easy to skim the fat.

I used a beef stock recipe from simplyrecipes.com.

In addition to the bones and some chopped onions and carrot, there were these ingredients .

thyme, carrot peelings, onion bits, bay leaves, garlic, and par-cel

The bones were rubbed with olive oil and put in the over to roast along with the onions and a carrot.

Here’s what they looked like after the roasting. (more…)

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