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Last night for supper, Chris and I feasted on our local summer veggies. This supper was so yummy and local that I just had to take a picture and post it.

Broiled Asian eggplant rounds with goat cheese, tomato and basil (We did the broiling in the toaster oven to keep the heat down.)

Beets, goat cheese, and sorrel

Corn on the cob

It was a satisfying way to end a summer evening!

Enjoy your food!


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This week’s box brought watermelon, peaches, blueberries, corn, tomatoes, beets, and green beans. It is definitely summer (in case you haven’t stepped outside recently).

We have sliced the tomatoes and eaten them every meal so far. My next plan is to dice the littlest one and make broiled eggplant rounds with eggplant from last week and some goat cheese and basil I picked up from the Farmers Fresh store.

The corn is gone already. We cook ears like this in the microwave (2 ears for 2 x 2 minutes). Let them cool and then shuck. Save the corn silk for tea! (more…)

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I had a long meeting in Atlanta and did not make it back in time to pick up my veggies Wednesday evening. I wish them well wherever they wound up.

So instead of photos of my regular haul, here are some notes about things we ate this week.

Kohlrabi greens

Kohlrabi greens are tasty sautéed with raisins and chopped walnuts. This recipe is our greens default, and Chris and I love it. (Pine nuts are expensive! Walnuts are almost as good and very healthy.)

kohlrabi greens and root

What I’ve finally learned is that with greens like kohlrabi, I want to spread them around and cook them to the point where I first get a whiff of, “Oh, no! I’ve burnt the greens!” Then the greens come out dry and tasty rather than green balls of soggy cud.

Kale, Komatsuna, and dandelion greens cook up fast and dry. Beet greens, chard, and kohlrabi are greens that need more time in contact with the heat.

Beets, goat cheese, and sorrel

This is my favorite food in the world.

Because no one else in my house likes sorrel, I hoard all the beets and goat cheese and then have a glorious feast for me!

The beets are prepared ahead of time. I wrap them in tin foil and put them in a pan so they won’t leak in the oven. Then they go in the oven for half an hour to two hours depending on the size of the beets. After being roasted, the beets chill them in the fridge. After a few hours or overnight, they are super easy to peel and chop. (more…)

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