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Here’s what arrived last week from Farmers’ Fresh!

watermelon, apples, and Asian pears

The apples were eaten and shared with friends. Very tasty – even the ones that still have some green on them.

The watermelon will be busted open soon. Chris is working on our 1991 Celica today, and a watermelon makes a great afternoon snack when you have oily hands.

I poached the Asian pears along with some lemongrass from last week. Here’s the recipe. I replaced the cinnamon and nutmeg with an equal amount of five-star spice. The Asian pears did not get soft. (I think that’s kind of the point of Asian pears: they stay crispy when heated or cooked.) But they did absorb the tasty liquid and were very yummy.

eggplant and patty pan squash


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