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Here’s what I got last Wednesday from Farmers’ Fresh.

cucumber, corn, and okra

peento peaches, peaches, ambrosia melon, blueberries, and a plum

tomatoes, oyster mushrooms, and garlic

granola and eggs

I also bought several things from the online store.

one gallon of blueberries!

sweet onions

whole-wheat sourdough bread and Shiitake mushrooms

sorrel and crème fraiche

Snacking as an aid to meal planning

I tried out the crème fraiche with a piece of bread and a sorrel leaf.

The top two snacks didn’t work so well. (But the bottom snack of bread and creamed honey was delightful.) The crème fraiche is too tart to go with the sorrel, but immediately made me think of the mushrooms tucked away in the fridge. So, even if the snacks didn’t work as such, they inspired supper….

Mushroom madness!

First I minced a quarter of one of the sweet onions and a clove of garlic. Then I chopped the oyster and Shiitake mushrooms and reserved the stems for later stock or stir-fries. Then I melted some butter and threw everything in to saute along with some salt and pepper.

After about 15 minutes, I added some white wine and herbes de provence, let it cook for a minute, and then turned the heat to low. When the heat was down, I added half a cup of the crème fraiche.

Sorry about the blur. The aroma was so tempting that the camera got excited and wouldn't sit still.

The results were incredible. It was almost too rich. Almost.

Also on the plate was pesto-crème fraiche toast and grape tomatoes. (I started off slicing the tomatoes to go on top of the toast, but they were explosively juicy, and it seemed better to serve them whole.) The pesto-crème fraiche combination was interesting and tasty – just not in the same league as the mushrooms. Next time, I’ll serve the mushrooms over rice with a little salad. And there will definitely be a next time.

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